Grupo Tragaluz is a family-owned business that has made inspiration the prime ingredient of its success. Grupo Tragaluz has grown by using intuition and a commitment to doing things well. All its restaurants have been created from a common idea: to be different. Behind each one is a unique concept guided by the diverse inspirations or cultural influences that surround it. The importance of good food and attention to detail and style, whether in the restaurant design, the preparation of dishes or the menu itself, define each individual identity of the Tragaluz restaurants. They are carefully created places where clients eat well and have a positive dining experience. And all at an honest price.

In 1987, Rosa Maria Esteva and Tomás Tarruella, mother and son, founded Mordisco, a simple restaurant that sought to offer sandwiches, homemade food and salads in a central location on Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. The idea was to create a place that was like being at home, with informal cuisine and shared tables. It was a very innovative concept at the time, and quickly turned Mordisco into a renowned restaurant. This success motivated them to expand the business with other restaurants, each conceived independently and planned with the utmost care. Mordisco was followed by Tragaluz (1991), Tragamar (1996), Agua (1997), Acontraluz (1997), Negro, El Japonés (1999) and Bestial (2002).

A new venture began in 2003, with the first hotel, the Omm. With its urban and cosmopolitan character and a wide range of gastronomic and leisure activities, it quickly became a popular meeting place for both visitors and locals.

After the Omm, more restaurants were launched: Rojo (2005), Cuines Santa Caterina (2005), Bar Lobo (2006), and La Xina (2008). The first restaurant opened in Madrid, Tomato Bar (2009), followed by Luzi Bombón (2011). This same year Luzia and Pez Vela were inaugurated in Barcelona. In 2017 Fan Ho and Tomate opened in Barcelona. In 2022 opened el Japonés Escondido.

Each restaurant has its own character, the result of a careful balance between gastronomy and interior design. The kitchens are highly creative, but based on tradition and always using the best quality products. Sandra Tarruella, head interior designer, has always sought to create original and inviting environments that make food a social act full of pleasure and meaning.

The combined experience of Rosa María Esteva and the adventurous spirit of Tomás Tarruella ensure that each restaurant is unique and charismatic. The commitment and passion of the people who make up the company are also key to the success of Grupo Tragaluz, allowing us to maintain our innovative spirit and continue to embark upon new projects.

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