More than 25 years surprising Barcelona

If you have never been to Tragaluz, we guarantee you will be surprised. If you have already dined with us, we will surely keep on surprising you.

When you arrive, you will first pass through our kitchen. Although untraditional, it has been purposefully designed this way as we think it is the best way to show you our passion for cooking. You will see how we use only the finest ingredients and pay careful attention to detail.

Upon entering the restaurant you have the feeling that you are outdoors. A glass ceiling fills the space with natural light meaning you can eat under the stars. Enjoy a unique dining experience in Barcelona with an excellent menu, and the sensation that you are many miles away from the centre of the city.

On the menu you will find what seem like traditional dishes. However, don’t let appearances fool you. There is plenty of room for experimentation with new versions, transformations and reinventions: if we can improve dishes that were already great, just imagine how delicious they can become.

The only thing left is to make yourself comfortable and enjoy. You never know when the next surprise will come.


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