Barcelona Royal Maritime Club. Port Vell

Urban ports, from Copenhagen to Stockholm, passing through Barcelona.

This is the inspiration for FiskeBar, where you have a vision of Barcelona from the sea.

The main room is a glassed-in volumetric space where the bar, which gives the restaurant its name, is the soul, the central and dynamic axis with the presence of seafood and local products.

From the terrace you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Barcelona.

The menu is particularly focused on fish, seafood and seaweed with a strong Nordic and Mediterranean influence.

The choice of local and sustainable suppliers and products is a key priority. Honesty and proximity with savour, quality and technique.

Pasta with sea, vegetables with sea, rice with sea.

A predominance of ecological and organic wines and a well-drawn beer are the order of the day.

Fiskebar is the sea from another perspective. It is the sea of the North with the light of the South.


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